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Volunteer Opportunities

Board Membership

If you have an interest in feeding the hungry, and are able to dedicate your time for monthly meetings and occasional support as needed, please inquire as to how you can become a member of this Board.  We are always looking for additional full-time and associate members!

Food Provider Groups

There are 35 faith-based organizations, and friends of our Community Table, who rotate monthly, on a designated day of the week, and cook a complete meal and dessert for approximately 70 patrons.  These groups  either cook the food and bring it in, cook the entire meal at the soup kitchen, or a combination of both.   They typically bring along sufficient numbers of volunteers (please no more than 7-8) to cook, serve and clean up.

Groups arrive to the kitchen, no later than 4:15 pm as patrons are served promptly at 5:00 pm. Parking is on-site; there is a driveway on the premises, adjacent to the kitchen door.

If you are interested in being a food provider group, please contact Ann Kousch at 413-454-5684.  Occasionally we are looking for food provider groups either for a one-time meal in order to provide respite for our loyal food provider groups; or to replace a retiring group. 

Food Line Volunteers

If you are interested in assisting one of the food provider groups, please contact us through our email address or by phone.  On rare occasion, the food provider groups are in need of extra support from the community.  We will check with the groups and advise you if there is availability.  Serving volunteers need to be a minimum of 15 years old unless accompanied by an adult.

We are open for many of the holidays and are often in need of extra hands on these special occasions.  These spots fill up quickly- please contact us one month ahead of time if interested in helping out on a holiday.

Key Holders

A key holder is responsible for opening/closing the kitchen doors and general supervision  and support of the food provider group and dining room on a regular, rotating schedule.  This could be weekly, or monthly, or on a “back-up” basis.  4 pm- 6 pm.

Court-Ordered Community Service

If you have been mandated to complete a certain number of community service hours, please contact the kitchen as indicated on our home page.  Volunteers help with dining room tasks such as managing the tables, chairs, and other tasks related to the dining room.  A total of (2) hours of credit will be allotted for this service, 4 pm- 6 pm.